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Obstacle Remover - XL soap bar

Obstacle Remover - XL soap bar

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Woah baby ,this soap is the REAL deal when it comes to blockage removal ! 

Have you been feeling stagnant & stuck like you just can't move forward no matter what ? 

This can be due to a lot of things, for instance evil eye , witchcraft , anxiety or even hexing!

Whatever the case may be,  this extra strength soap when used for a month will greatly turn things around ! You will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders, your spirits will be higher, things will start to move again , & you won't overwhelmed emotionally or mentally anymore . Heck , it even helps with heartache and helps soothe you . 

You will ONLY find this soap here , exclusively made by Brujas Botanica . 


Made with Goats Milk 

Star of the soap : RUDA plant 

Includes a lil magic of course ;)


Lightly scented : Tobacco & Saffron 



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