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Obstacle Remover - XL soap bar

Obstacle Remover - XL soap bar

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Please note this soap has gotten a temporary update and is now charcoal black . Still the same recipe , just a different color . The color Black is not only powerful when used in obstacle removing , but is also great for protection , reversing spell work thrown at you and for transformation. Push through your obstacles and into success with this powerful soap! 

Woah baby ,this soap is the REAL deal when it comes to blockage removal ! 

Have you been feeling stagnant & stuck like you just can't move forward no matter what ? 

This can be due to a lot of things, for instance evil eye , witchcraft , anxiety or even hexing!

Whatever the case may be,  this extra strength soap when used for a month will greatly turn things around ! You will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders, your spirits will be higher, things will start to move again , & you won't overwhelmed emotionally or mentally anymore . Heck , it even helps with heartache and helps soothe you . 

You will ONLY find this soap here , exclusively made by Brujas Botanica . 


Made with Goats Milk 

Star of the soap : RUDA plant 

Includes a lil magic of course ;)


Lightly scented : Tobacco & Saffron 


More info on our fragrance oil used : 


vegan.Vegan products contain no animal products or animal-derived ingredients. Nada. None. Zero.

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