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Candle Magic : Prep Work *PRE-SALE *

Candle Magic : Prep Work *PRE-SALE *

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Are you ready to take your candle magic up a notch ? If your answer is YES , you'll love our new e-book "Candle Magic : Prep Work" simple tips to improve your candle magic. 

In this book I'll share tips on the preparation work that goes into candle magic.  In simple terms, the work that you do before lighting your spell candles . The work required beforehand to improve your results! Because everything that leads up to it , is just as important. Remember candle magic is a ritual and not just as simple as lighting a candle.  Give 100% to your work and you'll receive three fold back ! 

As always , this book is a simple, easy to follow guide filled with tips and tricks along the way . 

BONUS : FREE gift for all pre-orders ! Receive my additional book : " MY TOP 3 LOVE MAGIC TIPS"❤❤❤

Ooooh you're gonna love these ! 


Reminder : This purchase is  for  PRE-SALE only ! The book is expected to be released on or before 5/31/22. All pre-sale purchases will receive the bonus gift in their inbox as well :) 


Please make sure to include your email at checkout to receive your e-books once they are released:) 


Expected release date : 5/31/22 (22 pages) 

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