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Protection Bath

Protection Bath

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Use this spiritual bath for protection from evil eye & enemies. Blocks negativity sent your way . You can also use as a floor wash on your home . 

Spiritual baths aid in clearing blockages, cleansing your aura , clearing the mind , attracting your desires and reinforcing spiritual connection . Allow this bath to raise your vibrations and attract what you wish to manifest ! 

Best days to use : Wednesday 

Instructions : 

  1. Steep herbs in a gallon of water ( like your making tea ) .
  2. Strain mixture and allow to cool until lukewarm .
  3. Turn on candle and while standing in the shower pour over yourself ( with a cup ) 
  4. Pour from the shoulders down while praying and setting your intentions . 
  5. Do not rinse  off  and allow yourself to airdry .
  6. Rinse off the next day .


Good for 1 use , can be used as a spiritual bath or floor wash for the home .

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