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This LOVE oil is dreamy , enchanting and sure to put them under your spell ! Use this oil in your love magic to increase romance, sexual connection & attraction . 

Add 3 drops to your love candles to take the energy up a notch !

This oil is Ritually prepared and contains potent ingredients !

For instance: 

  • Roses : Widely used for its love attracting qualities ! Roses hold the highest vibration out of all flowers, making them the most popular and potent when it comes to love work . 
  • Patchouli : This is for LUST , and baby does it work ! The roots of this plant reach out to bring in your hearts desires. 
  • Cubeb Berry : Known as the "love berry". Brings fruitful abundance and results  to your relationship or search for a partner. 

Among some other secret ingredients , this oil really is beyond dreamy! 

Secret Tip : For those brave souls ,that would like to take it up a notch . Add some of your "fluids" after some  "sexy alone time " if you catch my drift. Just take some and add it inside the bottle . Continue using as normal . Adding your personal pheromones REALLY increases its Magic!  This helps strengthen the connection between you and the Spirit of this oil . In the long run making it more and more effective ! 


1 oz bottle 

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