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Don Juan "Money"

Don Juan "Money"

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Astral Mystical Candle Juan of Money.  Thanks to the combinations of essences, special elements and amulets of abundance, this candle is the most effective in acquiring the material happiness that you want.

Instructions: As you offer this candle to Don Juan del Dinero say these words: "Father of the divine providence, through this candle, offered to your spirit, help that any business venture that is started will succeed.  Don't leave me penniless and don't let me lose in any endeavor that I may undertake.  May all those who are in debt to me come back.  And may there never be a lack of wealth in my home and in my business.  To you, Don Juan del Dinero, I implore that you may bring wealth and fortune to my life as you had in your own." Amen.  Light the candle and once it has finished burning, take the amulets and place them with your valuables so that they may be protected and your wealth is multiplied with more ease.


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