Quita Mal De Ojo -  Kit

Quita Mal De Ojo - Kit

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Our BEST SELLING bath soak in a kit ! This bath soak was created for removing "evil eye" .

  • Created with potent organic herbs for removing negative energy and cleansing 
  • Organic oils that are gentle on the skin 
  •  Florida Water & Cascarilla for extra strength 
  • and other "secret" ingredients 
  • approx. 1 lb of bath soak mix in each bag , up to 2 uses 
  • White purity tea light included
  • white sage and palo santo for smudging 
  • Directions on label :) 

Use this "limpia" before beginning any magical work to remove any lingering energy that could interfere with your work OR if your energy has been feeling dragged down lately . 

Herbs & oils used are organic :)