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RUDA - Body Wash

RUDA - Body Wash

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This RUDA body wash is all you'll need to keep your aura squeaky clean ! 

Fresh Ruda in every bottle !

Rue herb is a powerful ally when it comes to removing energetic blockages, mal de ojo , and negative energy sent your way . We've paired it with the refreshing scent of Eucalyptus & Spearmint to top it off ! 

This "despojo" body wash is perfect for everyday use ..

*please note it does have an earthy scent due to the fact that we use FRESH Ruda in this item. Item will also have a light green color upon arrival , this just means the Ruda is fully integrated in the product, making it more potent.* Most product shots are taken before the item has had time to set... usually because were super excited to share, so YES, its suppose to be that color :)

8 oz 

 * Despojo means to strip away & remove ...

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