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Santa Marta

Santa Marta

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Santa Marta is well known for her assistance is gaining control over and dominating situations. She can also be worked with to bring back lovers, her power is undeniable. 


Candle comes fixed/prepared


Santa Marta La Dominadora
• • • • •
She is the one to call on when you need to have a lost love return to you, or if you need to take control over another person or situation. Some examples are: marriage, separation, divorce, out of control children, happy home, domestic problems, straying lovers or spouses, financial assistance, family problems, custody issues, legal matters, etc. She is also a powerful ally for business women as she will defend and be there for you too!
• • • • •
Her traditional colors are green and white. She appreciates white flowers and also favors red and dark purple flowers. Her day of the week is Tuesday. Her favorite offerings are water, red wine, white/blue/purple flowers, Florida Water/Perfume/Cologne, and "sweet" breads (dessert breads).
• • • • •
Santa Marta is a powerful spirit, and she deserves your respect!

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